Fair economy for all, achieve the best experience for our clients through a cup of organic coffee, where they will enjoy the best flavors of the origin coffee from the different regions of Colombia, in addition to promoting and supporting the farmers who have played it for an organic cultivation, thus also contributing to the care of nature, water sources and animals that are in danger of extinction in these areas of the country.


Generate a perfect experience between a taste for coffee and a passion for ecology.



For Café La Prensa, caring for the environment is our main commitment, which is why all our allied companies work with the best materials which allow our products to be 100% ecological, recyclable and compostable, totally friendly to the environment, protecting our fauna, flora and water resources as an example we have our tableware made in coffee grounds by kaffeeform.
We provide growth opportunities to our coffee suppliers who have been victims of violence, mothers head of the family, we pay fair prices and recognize their great work and contribution through their organic crops, providing 100% organic coffee with multiple benefits for our Health.

Did you know that one of the reasons for global warming are cows and for this reason that for coffee the press one of our challenges and commitment to the environment is to raise awareness so that they consume less cow’s milk and replace it with soy milk or milk almonds.